1984 – Maze

1984 : Etienne Nicolini – Thomas Figenwald – Kevin Matz


DOP : Hervé Roesch
Executive Producer : David Braun

Director : Yves Brua
Assistant : Mathieu Z’Graggen

Best-boy : Sarah Myriam Poirson
Scenography : Claude Braun
Graphic Design : Thomas Figenwald
Sound design : Mathieu Z’Graggen
Catering : Betty and Aurore Braun

Système, 1972. Film directed by Claude Braun :
Primitive art work designed by Claude Braun

Hervé Roesch, Sarah-Myriam Poirson, Claude Braun, Betty Braun, Aurore Braun, Steeve Josch, SL2P, La cité de la prod, 1984, Julien Hohl

©Sous Les Pavés la Prod

Album Influenza available 20th February ©Deafrock Records

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